006 - Quality vs Quantity...kind of, @miqk, Drinking and Self Criticism

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1:27 - Spreading my learning around different business lanes 

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005 - New Year, Same You

This is the instagram post that got the thoughts on this rolling

I also recorded this on my airpods when I was driving. Is it the best sound, NO…but it’s a far sight better than the months with no content

We certainly can’t make all the moves we need in order to optimize our lives without being honestly self aware. 
The turning of the clock, the dawn of the new year, these are arbitrary constructed units that really have nothing to do with you. We have come to mark this as society with resolutions of change and commitments to discipline. As those of you that know me personally and through following my posts(my aren’t those two getting closer and closer lately) I believe in both of change and discipline strongly. My thoughts as this year turned over though we’re about how we see those changes. 
You are you. You can grow, you can even be damaged, you can improve your decision making or even change your life’s course radically. But there is NO NEW YOU. You are fucking awesome. Trust me. Every one of you has some amazing something(s) about you and remember that hydrogen is part of what makes up water but you can also make it into a bomb with a few subtractions and additions. 
Accept that you are a whole working mechanism top to bottom. Give some thoughts to your strength. Give some thoughts to the things you enjoy. Give some thoughts to areas you don’t excel at. Now think of the things you don’t enjoy doing. 
There will be some overlap there are somethings you excel at that you may not actually enjoy, there may be things you love that you kind of stink at(surfing, mine is surfing…I!AM! Terrible!) Take the ones that fall between I’m good at this and I enjoy this. These are where you want to spend your time. Do these things for yourself. Do them for others. Trust me a happier you and people around you surrounded by your giving and doing is an amazing life.

Now the middle of don’t enjoy and not good at is probably going to be some necessary’s. I am not an accountant, I also do not enjoy paying my bills. So I set up a system of nearly 100% auto payments. Now I am no longer focusing on low reward time.

004 - How The Cause of Changes Matter

"The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph," -One evening, Thomas Edison returned home after a long day working at his research laboratory. Shortly after dinner, a man rushed to Edison’s home and delivered some devastating news.

A fire had broken out at his research factory a few miles away. Firemen from eight nearby towns were desperately trying to put out the fire, but were struggling to contain the out of control blaze.

Edison arrived and pushed his way through hundreds of onlookers and stared at the green and yellow flames, seven stories high, fueled by the many strange chemicals inside the building.

That’s when Edison quickly looked for his son and told him with the excitement of a kid on Christmas, “Go get your mother and all of her friends – they’ll never see a fire like this again!”

“What?” Edison’s son said, not understanding his father’s strange reaction to the horrific scene.

“Don’t worry,” Edison continued, “It’s alright – we’ve just gotten rid of a lot of rubbish.”

Wall of Tears,  - It does start a bit slow but by the end it is a page turner that leaves you wanting for the next book

Enigma blue light blocking glasses.  - These definitely improve my sleep quality

001 - Welcome to the Learning Lounge

My gratitude is completely yours thanks for taking the time to let me do something I’ve found I really enjoy.

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